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Eye Examination

At S Patel Opticians we advise regular eye examinations, this is essential to monitor eye health and maintain the best vision possible.

We aim to provide the most thorough eye examinations, and prefer to take the necessary time to give you a comprehensive consultation.


An eye examination should be part of everyone’s normal health routine and is an important part of looking after your eyes. You may think of this as just an eye test, but it’s more than a simple test of your sight. Your optometrist is able to check your eye health and other general health issues during an eye examination and give advice.

Here are some important reasons to have a regular eye examination and look after your eyes:

  • It can detect early signs of eye conditions before you notice them.

  • It can also detect other general health problems.

  • Good vision helps you work and play safely and comfortably. It leads to a better quality of life.

  • Your eyes are the only pair you’ve got. If you lose your eyesight it may never be replaced.

  • Unlike your teeth, your eyes do not usually hurt if there is something wrong.



Most people should have their eyes examined every two years, however you may need to have an examination more often depending on your age and medical history. If you are over 40 years old or at particular risk of developing eye conditions such as glaucoma, we will recommend how regularly you need to have an eye examination. Of course, if you have any problems with your eyes, or notice any changes in your sight then book a eye exam as soon as you can.  Please contact us if you have any queries or questions about our eye examination and related issues, we would be most happy to advise you.


An eye examination is carried out by an optometrist and usually takes about 20-60 minutes. Sometimes it can take longer if you need extra tests, but this is to make sure you can see as well as possible.

As well as testing your sight, the optometrist will check the health of your eyes and look for signs of general health problems.

Here is what’s usually involved:

History and symptoms
At the start of the eye examination, your optometrist will ask why you are having your eyes examined, whether it is a routine check-up or if you have come for a specific reason.

If you are experiencing problems with your eyes or vision, your optometrist will ask you:

  • if you’ve had any symptoms, how long you have had them and whether any changes have happened suddenly or slowly over a period of time

  • about your general health, including any medication you are taking

  • whether you suffer from headaches

  • whether you have any close relatives with a history of eye problems.

  • about your previous glasses or contact lenses

  • about the kind of work you do and whether you play sports or have any hobbies.

Examining your eyes
Your optometrist will examine both the outside and inside of your eyes. This will allow the optometrist to assess the health of your eyes and may identify any other underlying medical problems.

The inside of your eyes will be examined using an ophthalmoscope, which is a special torch, or with a slit lamp and a hand held lens in front of your eye. These instruments will allow your optometrist to examine structures such as:

  • the lens inside your eye, to see if you have signs of cataract

  • your optic nerve where it enters your eye (which is where signs of glaucoma may be spotted)

  • your retina

  • your pupil reflexes.

They will also ask you to read letters on a chart, which is one of the most familiar parts of an eye examination.

Remember to take your glasses or contact lenses with you when you attend an eye examination. Your vision will be measured both with and without glasses or lenses to check for any problems with your eyesight. The optometrist would normally assess:

  • your distance vision (for TV and driving)

  • your near vision (for reading and close work)

  • your intermediate vision (for computer use).

Your optometrist will then carry out a series of tests to measure the type and extent of any problem with your vision. You will then be asked to choose between different lenses to see which ones help the quality and clarity of your sight.

Eye movements and co-ordination

Eye movements and co-ordination are checked to make sure that both eyes are working together, and that undue stress is not being placed on the eye muscles. Good muscle balance is particularly important if you use computers or read a lot.

 Visual fields test

This allows us to check the sensitivity of the back of the eye. Our eyes are made up of millions of nerve fibres which can get damaged in certain eye conditions. From looking into the eye we are only able to see the surface of the eye however by checking the sensitivity of the eye it allows us to monitor the different layers of the eye. This test is especially useful when it comes to diagnosing the reason behind headaches or other eye conditions such as glaucoma, diabetes and retinal detachments.


This is the process of checking the pressure within the eye. It is normally done in two different ways either by non-contact (where a puff of air is blown into your eye) or contact (where an anaesthetic is used a probe is placed on the front surface of the eye). This test is essential when it comes to checking for any presence of glaucoma and is normally done on all patients over the age of 40 years old. 

At the end of the examination the results found will be discussed with you, and the optometerist will give you their reccomendation and advice. Following this our expert staff will then be able to give you more detailed advice regarding frames and lenses.


Kids Eyecare

Eye Care for Kids. Our practice provides comprehensive eye care for your child. We address the diverse ophthalmic needs of children. Through excellence in patient care and research, our goal is to be among those who provide optimum eye care for your children within an exceptional kid-friendly environment.


S Patel opticians is optics made simple, we believe in providing our customers with the highest standard of eye care possible and this is why we offer a range of same day services.

We offer:

Same day tests

Our optometerist can see you on the day and time of your request .

Same day delivery service

Our courier service will transport contact lenses and glasses from our shop to your door on the same day.

Express one hour service

Need glasses or contact lenses asap? Broken spex ?  

Fear not we have a lab on site enabling us to make prescription glasses within an hour .Furthermore, our large stock of contact lenses means we are able to provide you with a pair as soon as you need..

Interested in using our same day services?

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